Privacy Policy

At Live Events Missouri, including Fun Pics Photo Booths, we’re committed to safeguarding your privacy with the seriousness it deserves. Please take a moment to understand how we handle your personal information.

Information Collection & Usage

We gather necessary information to enhance your experience and manage our site effectively. This may include non-identifying data like IP addresses and browser details, which help with site maintenance and administration.

Comments left on our site are used to enrich user interaction, and we only use your email address for correspondence and spam prevention.

Cookies & Tracking

We utilize cookies to remember user preferences and tailor content accordingly. Our partners may also employ similar tracking technologies, subject to their privacy policies.

Our analytics help us optimize your experience, largely through anonymized data, although certain user-initiated actions like search terms may be recorded.

Data Retention

Your comments are stored indefinitely to facilitate ongoing conversations. Should you create an account, you can access and modify your personal details, barring your username.

Your Privacy Controls

You have the right to manage your data. Adjust your browser settings to handle cookies as you see fit, and request an export or deletion of your personal information held by us, barring necessary data retention for legal and security purposes.

Advertisements & Third-Party Data

We may feature ads controlled by cookies, particularly from services like Google, which you can opt out of as per their privacy guidelines.

Data Security

We take careful measures to protect your data, storing only essential information while also keeping a secure record of any direct communications and transactions.

Data Breach Protocol

Should a data breach occur, we pledge to promptly inform and guide affected individuals.

Third-Party Data Receipt

We may receive necessary payment-related information from services like PayPal or Stripe to process transactions.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please contact us.