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Welcome to the heart of our passion, the core of our excellence – meet the incredible team at Live Events Missouri! Each member brings their unique talents, backgrounds, and vibrant personalities to the table, making us more than just a crew – we’re a family. From the meticulous planners who weave your event dreams into detailed blueprints, to the charismatic DJs who infuse life into the party, our team is a mosaic of diversity, united by a shared commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and the rich tapestry of ideas that only such a varied group can offer. Get to know the faces behind the festivities; they’re not just the strength of our services, they’re the soul of your celebrations.

Dennis Cox
Dennis CoxLead Event Influencer | Marriage Coach | Officiant
Dennis started his career in audio at age 13 and began performing at 15. He began training his voice to emcee at age 11. He has entertained at thousands of weddings and events all over the midwest. With over 2 decades in the industry, Dennis is one of the most well known, highest rated, and most sought after DJs in the area.

As an Officiant couples rave over Dennis’ calm demeanor, loving personality, contagious smile, quick wit, energetic vibe, and sense of humor. Dennis will deliver ease and relaxation during your ceremony. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just do a quick Google search and read a few of his 1,000+ glowing reviews.

Rachel Cox
Rachel CoxProgram Director | Lead Event Host | Marriage Coach
DJ Rachel is the life of the party, especially when Taylor Swift is playing! Rachel is a natural at what she does. Her late father was a DJ when she was a child. Her family would perform at events all over California. Rachel fits right in here at Live Events as entertainment is clearly “in her blood”.

MikeLead Event Host | Operations Manger
Mike has been entertaining all over SWMO and NWA for years and is the current Operations Manager of the company (are we supposed to call him “boss”??). His charismatic personality and mixing abilities are a sure win for any event!

JennaEvent Host | Assistant Operations Manager
Jenna has the musical knowledge and professionalism to please any crowd. Her ability to “read a crowd” is second to none. She provides an energetic dance floor but also has a professional presentation during those important moments (ceremony, first dance, etc.)

Bryant (DJ Heartbreaker)
Bryant (DJ Heartbreaker)Event Host
Bryant is a diehard sports fan and lover of all things country. But don’t let the country fool you, his ability to lay down the jams on the dancefloor is incredible. Bryant’s favorite activity is Karaoke.

BrendanEvent Host
Brendan is a crowd-pleaser for sure! His stage presence is incredible and he knows how to “work a crowd”. Brendan performs in a band and knows he belongs on a stage/behind a mic. His fun attitude and ability to think on the fly make him the best fit for most any client.

AlyssaEvent Host
Alyssa is a current “Media and Production” student at MSU. She has a great understanding of the technical side of the business as well as a great knowledge of music! Her kind personality and fun sence of humor make her a bride (or groom)’s best friend on their wedding day!

DavidEvent Host
David is a highly energetic turntabilist! His energy and humor are a hit at all of his events. When David isn’t packing dance floors and ushering brides and grooms down the aisle, he proudly serves are a local police officer. #backtheblue

ChrystalEvent Host
With a name that sparkles as brightly as her talent on the dance floor, Chrystal is the beat-matching maestro guaranteed to turn any event into an unforgettable dance party. Chrystal comes to us with a vast knowledge of everything weddings & events, as she spent the last decade as a photographer with Jessica Yahn Photography. One thing is crystal clear: she knows how to keep the party going all night long!

TerraPhoto Booth Host
JessicaPhoto Booth Host
SethEvent Host
EricEvent Host
Eric graduated from MSU (SMSU) with a degree in Audio Engineering and Event Production. Eric has been a part of events ranging from large corporate events to upscale arena concerts for artists such as Elton John, The Eagles, Guns N Roses (just to name a few). Eric’s “chill” personality, powerful emcee voice and vast knowledge of “all things events” make Eric the go-to-guy for most any event!

LilyEvent Host
Lily has an incredibly high energy level and kind + professional demeanor. Her performances are always a hit with literally every event she has ever entertained at. She is an absolute gem and will leave your guests talking about how much fun they had for years to come!

Alan (DJ Squatch)
Alan (DJ Squatch)Event Host
Alan (aka: “DJ Squatch”) is incredibly professional and has a high energy level when open dancing begins. He is a hit at all of his events. When he isn’t rocking weddings and events, he enjoys frisbee golf, exploring Eureka Springs and saving countless lives as an ER nurse. All of his events are in honor of Heather (DJ Vibe). #longliveDJVibe

OliverEvent Host | Lead Photo Booth Tech
Oliver is an incredibly talented DJ is also our Lead Photo Booth Tech. His knowledge of all things tech + music make him the perfect choice for your event! Oliver has performed in countless musicals at plays through Springfield Ballet and Springfield Little Theater. Oliver loves performing and it shows in his countless 5 star reviews.

AutumnEvent Host
Autumn is ready to ROCK your wedding or special event with her happy, energetic, and kind personality! She is a lover of all things music! When she isn’t making your event perfect, she is a loving and fun mom and she enjoys (LOVES) pets/animals.

Kael (DJ Firestarter)
Kael (DJ Firestarter)Event Host
Kael is the work-o-holic you didn’t know your event needed! His kindness and desire to thrive at all that he does makes him the perfect host for your event! Kael is bilingual and thrives in diverse crowds!

BrittanyPhoto Booth Host
SuttonPhoto Booth Host
AshlynPhoto Booth Host
ChanellePhoto Booth Host
HeatherDJ Vibe
In memory of Heather, whose life was a melody that resonated deeply within the hearts of all who knew her, we pause to honor her extraordinary legacy. Heather was not just a remarkable individual; she was a beacon of light and love—a devoted mother, a cherished friend, and a DJ whose talent knew no bounds. Her passion for music and the joy she brought to every event made her an unforgettable presence, one that continues to guide and inspire us even in her absence.

Tragically, Heather’s journey came to an untimely end in 2021, as she was returning home from weaving her magic at a wedding. Yet, in the echoes of the music she loved, in the memories of the moments she crafted, Heather remains an integral part of our team. Her spirit, indomitable and vibrant, dances among us, a constant companion at every celebration we are privileged to be part of.

Heather’s spirit animal, the velociraptor, is a testament to her boundless energy and fierce presence. She was a force of nature, with a vivacity and zeal for life that was truly unparalleled. Heather’s spirit, much like the swift and spirited velociraptor, continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for us all.

As we move forward, carrying the torch of her legacy, we feel Heather’s guiding hand in every note played and every beat mixed. She is with us at every turn, her spirit infusing our work with love, passion, and an energy that transcends the physical realm. In honoring Heather, we celebrate not just the music she made, but the incredible human being she was—a soul forever intertwined with the melodies of life, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone she touched.

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